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Why is Dailey Services different? PREVENTION is the reason... many companies provide inspection, maintenance, service, repair, and installation of FIRE ALARM systems - we do too, but OUR ANNUAL INSPECTION is the best value around - and it's done RIGHT. ... oh, and it's REQUIRED by code.

A big misunderstanding about the ANNUAL INSPECTION is that "The firemen were here just last week, and they tested it" - they often activate a single Manual Station (pull box), and ensure that the horns & strobes operate properly - the ANNUAL INSPECTION tests EVERY device, along with control panel functions, battery backup, fault-condition detection, and other aspects.

SMOKE DETECTOR CLEANING: Here's a biggie. Some companies think that spraying a detector with a can of compressed air is "cleaning". - It's NOT! Would you clean your living room carpet with an air hose? We DISASSEMBLE each detector, clean it properly, then reassemble and replace it.

SYSTEM SERVICING: As reliable as modern electronic devices are, they still "break". When this happens, you need help - not excuses.

MONITORING: Every FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) must be monitored by a 24/7 UL listed Monitoring Agency. This provides unattended notification of a fire alarm in your building. It's required, and we do it.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: These get inspected annually, AND must be serviced every 6 & 12 years, along with recharging as necessary. We do that too. We also have nice shiny new ones.

DAILEY SERVICES has been in business since 1982. Having worked for many of the "big guns" in the industry, and doing everything from design & drawings to crawling about in attics pulling wire, we've learned a thing or two.


Anytime work is to be done on:

Water system
Electrical system
Telephone system
Heating & Cooling system
Fire Sprinkler system

-Or anything that could result in dust or steam; anything that disturbs a ceiling grid, wall, roofing or flooring - BE SURE TO TAKE THE FIRE ALARM SYSTEM "OFF LINE" with your monitoring company!

Many problems are directly traceable to (original) wiring problems or water intrusion.
We use our eyes and ears first - the more you can tell the technician about when & how the problem came about, the less time they have to spend on the call, and you PAY LESS.


Service & Inspection on ALL brands*

*Some FACP's have proprietary software - call for information

We run all our jobs, drawings, and plans through VERITAS FIRE ENGINEERING in Lakewood, CO, as they're simply The BEST for the task. http://demo001980.hgsitebuilder.com


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